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The Little Brother Who Cried Wolf!

    Once there were two orphan children, a girl and her little brother, who minded the village sheep way up in a green meadow by the river. Each day they would lead the sheep out to the sweet meadow-grass, and each night they would herd them into the sheepfold by the river for safety. The girl, whose name was Griselda, was content with the beauty of the meadow and the rich milk of the sheep; but her little brother, Hans, often sat on a high rock gazing down at the cozy village lights in the valley below, and sighed in loneliness.

    Then one night a big hungry wolf came down from the high mountain, and scratched and growled round the sheepfold, and rattled the gate trying to break in. The noise woke the children. “I’m the biggest and oldest,” said Griselda. “I’ll take care of this. You stay inside and lock the door.” So she climbed on the roof of their little hut by the sheepfold, and yelled and threw sticks and clods of dirt at the wolf, till he backed away.

    But while Griselda was doing this, Hans slipped away and ran to the village, crying: “Wolf, wolf! A wolf is at the sheepfold! Come everyone and help us! Wolf, wolf!”



Enlarged and liberated from Aesop. I added the big sister and the long new ending, after the villagers ceased believing. The tar lamb is like Uncle Remus’s Tar Baby, which Jacobs thinks began in India as “The Demon with the Matted Hair.”